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Where are the leaders?

It seems every organization, especially non-profits, share the challenge of finding and developing effective servant leaders. In order to grow the business or advance the mission, organizations must intentionally create a “deep leadership bench.” Experienced, trained and equipped leaders of every discipline and gifting are needed to fill gaps or take on new ventures. 




You have to DEVELOP

your own leaders.

As emerging leaders are identified, a leadership pipeline process seeks to raise them up in an intentional leadership development culture. This process is designed to help young leaders find the right seat on the bus, and provide them with the experience, training and coaching necessary for them to succeed. For a leadership pipeline to be effective, the top leader must have the leadership will to dedicate time to leadership development and must ensure that leadership development is built into every organizational system. 

BUILD your

Leadership Pipeline

Let Redwoods Consulting help you build a leadership pipeline dedicated to the success of your mission and designed to raise up the leaders your organization needs. 


within your Organization:


Prior to Construction of Your Pipeline:

• Outline a formal Leadership Development Framework that reflects your organization’s philosophy on and commitment to leadership development.

• Consider the Source for your Pipeline, are you doing the right things to identify and create the pool of talent you will draw your leaders from?



• Identify the number of Leadership Levels your organization has, or needs, in its Pipeline.


Pieces & Parts:

Create Communication Strategies for your process that cast vision throughout the organization to both long-time employees and the most recent new hire. 

Create Role Definitions for your team and organization that clearly spell out what a good job looks like and who best serves in that role. 

Create a Leadership Database within your Talent Management System to track training and experience so that you know who you have on your leadership bench. 

• Identify the right Standardized Assessment Tools that will help you hire well and promote the right people for key leadership roles. 

 Create a standardized Salary Grid that sets expectations and rewards experience, learning, contribution to the culture and performance.

• Create Leadership Training Tools & Programs that will serve both the organization's goals and the leaders as they move thorugh the Pipeline.

• Identify Leadership Development Metrics that will let you know if your Leadership Pipeline is accomplishing what it was intended for.


Pumps & Processes:

Create a formal and consistent Interview & Hiring Process (and Firing Process...) that reflects what’s important about your organization’s leadership culture.

Create a formal Performance Review/Development Process (SLII®) that makes leadership development effective and a part of everyone’s job description. 

• Identify how you will Compensate, Reward & Promote employees and leaders in a way that truly reinforces what is important.


Problems & Possibilities:

Learn how to prevent predictable Leaks & Blockages in your Leadership Pipeline.

• Learn the Benefits and the Possibilities a Leadership Pipeline will create for your organization.

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