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Grow the leadership potential in your business

Equipping leaders with the framework and tools to engage, motivate and develop remarkable Team Members.


The Pipeline Package

This package offers virtual (Zoom), live-facilitated servant leadership training at 3 levels, specific to the Chick-fil-A context (The Training Package). In addition, it provides resources and training to build your leadership pipeline from the interview through every level of leadership. This package will create the structure and environment for your leadership development to be most effective.

Leadership Development in a fast-paced environment.

We know that Chick-fil-A is an intensely-paced environment. You deal with predictable turnover in a challenging and competitive labor market. It takes time to develop leaders from high potential, yet inexperienced talent.

Intentional leadership is needed to prevent predictable leadership pitfalls.


Our Leadership Packages support you in producing the leaders you need to succeed.

The Training Package

Servant leadership training at 3 levels, specific to the Chick-fil-A context.

The Pipeline Package

Build your leadership pipeline from the interview through every level of leadership.


Pick and choose the  specific training that fits your need.


 We’re dedicated to Chick-fil-A’s success.

 We wholeheartedly agree with Chick-fil-A’s purpose of glorifying God by being a faithful steward and a positive influence. We believe it’s possible to both lead the most operationally excellent and profitable quick-serve restaurant in the world, while influencing a generation to lead like Jesus. 


Chick-fil-A Operator, Manhattan, KS

Redwoods Consulting has helped me and my leadership team grow stronger together.  Through the leadership classes and 1-on-1’s with each member of my Director team, she has helped take younger leaders with no previous leadership experience and made them confident and capable. With seasoned leaders, she has helped coach and challenge them through taking on new roles and responsibilities as our organization has grown. As an Operator who transferred locations and has experienced two very different communities, talent pipelines, and employee dynamics, Redwoods Consulting has been instrumental in helping me develop leaders, and helping them realize their potential.
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