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The Sides

If you prefer to select training a la carte rather than choosing one of the packages, here’s your menu:

A la Carte Training Courses


Leadership IS Hospitality!

(4-week course)

Learn about Truett Cathy’s legacy of hospitality, the difference between service and hospitality, the hospitality multiplier, engaging the guest with authentic conversations, and how to create a genuine culture of hospitality.




The Servant Leadership Road Map

(6-week course)


The Manager’s Road Map

(10-week course)


The Director’s Road Map

(6-month course, 12 sessions)


The Interview

Identifying Potential Talent (1.5 hr course)

Learn how to implement a consistent hiring process, ask the questions that will identify the qualities you’re looking for, and attract potential talent to your business.


Defining Roles

Setting Talent up for Success (1.5 hr course)

Learn how to create role clarity, define expectations and define the win.


The Performance Review

Assessing Talent (1.5 hr course)

Learn how to implement a systematic performance review process, the components of a performance review, and how to help people get an “A” on their performance review.


1-on-1 Coaching

Developing Talent (1.5 hr course)

Learn how to have intentional conversations with those you lead in order to provide the support, encouragement and accountability they need to develop and succeed.


Effective Meetings

Maximizing Talent (1.5 hr Course)

Learn to implement the HPLT Scoreboard that lets the team know whether or not they’re winning, and to use a meeting template that allows the team to have the necessary discussions around talent development that keeps the leadership pipeline flowing.

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